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Office 365 Development and Support

Deploying Microsoft Office 365 is a crucial phase of your cloud adoption strategy, as this is the final step towards reaping all the cloud benefits, along with high-level security features.

At Kalotas, with our O365 cloud-based virtual desktop solutions, we are committed to helping enterprises address the challenges of desktop administration, providing bespoke, high quality, and lasting solutions.

With the implementation of Office 365, you enjoy:

  • The latest technology features and software
  • Highly available security and reliability
  • Fast and flexible implementation.

You benefit from the latest technological advancements without having to worry about installing or maintaining on-site software and equipment. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) also assures you a guaranteed and error-free uptime, removing all kinds of security hassles, while our hybrid model allows you to move to the cloud at the pace that suits your business needs.

Are you ready to boost your productivity with Office 365?