Cloud Solutions

We are committed to providing personalized and befitting solutions for all your IT needs. Whatever your needs, we have customized solutions that integrate perfectly into your business model, and provide the required technical and business assistance. Why wait, let’s increase your business productivity now.

Reliable IT Professionals

Our clients come first! With over 500 happy clients and counting, our expanding success can be attributed to our honesty, reliability, high quality service delivery, and excellent support! All our clients are treated with equal respect and the same level of professionalism, irrespective of their IT needs. Don’t take our word for it, try out our services now and become a believer. Contact us now to get started!

Sustainable Products and Services

At Kalotas, we believe in providing high quality, sustainable products and services. All the IT services we provide ensure that your e-Business remains sustainable for years to come. We also provide ongoing web development feature improvements and unmatched IT support at no additional costs to you. Ready to increase productivity? Get started now!



The growth, development, and success of your business depends on the type, level, and expertise of personnel you employ. At Kalotas, we provide top IT talents that are suitable for your company. With our team of knowledgeable, experienced, and talented IT staffing professionals, now you don’t have to worry about placing ads, reviewing, and filtering applicants. We make the most exceptional IT talents available to your business anytime without stress.

Whether you need the right personnel for seasonal, niche contract, short-term, or high-volume requirements, we are committed to understanding your business and taking our time to find you talented, qualified employees. What’s more, by putting your business needs and unique perspective into consideration, we are able to provide project-based support with contract-to-hire talents, and also help you find all the unique, top talents you need to sustain your company’s growth.

Not contented at just providing high quality staffing services, we will also stay connected with your company to make sure your expectations are being met by the employees we provide, and also ensure you are getting maximum value for your money.

Ready to adequately evolve your business and reach all your financial goals? Contact us now to develop a unique, strategic partnership with us, to ensure your staffing process becomes easy, effective, and growth-inducing.

Cloud Application Support

Managing and maintaining cloud applications in optimum functioning state require expertise and experience. Your cloud applications require consistent tuning, managing, and monitoring, to keep them functional and productive. At Kalotas, we provide high quality Cloud Application Support services that keep your cloud applications running at the optimum.

Whether you are looking to streamline and optimize critical IT project operations, effectively manage hosts of different cloud applications, or ensure a secure and effective platform, we are fully committed to adequately providing high quality, complete, and client-oriented Cloud Application Support.

By providing consistent and seamless support for a secure and efficient platform across your infrastructure, enabling you to effectively scale your cloud application and adequately increasing your business performance and functionality, we make maintaining and managing your cloud applications easy and effective.

Ready to achieve your company’s true potentials, reduce maintenance cost, and effectively increase your ROI with effective Cloud Application Support? Contact us now to get started.


Office 365 Support

Deploying Microsoft Office 365 is a crucial phase of your cloud adoption strategy, as this is the final step towards reaping all the cloud benefits, along with high-level security features.

At Kalotas, with our Office 365 cloud-based virtual desktop solutions, we are committed to helping enterprises address the challenges of desktop administration, providing bespoke, high quality, and lasting solutions.

With the implementation of Office 365, you enjoy:

  • The latest technology features and software
  • Highly available security and reliability
  • Fast and flexible implementation.

You benefit from the latest technological advancements without having to worry about installing or maintaining on-site software and equipment. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) also assures you a guaranteed and error-free uptime, removing all kinds of security hassles, while our hybrid model allows you to move to the cloud at the pace that suits your business needs.

Are you ready to boost your productivity with Office 365? Contact us now to get started!

Web Development

Are you able to effectively attract prospects and directly induce conversion with your website? Your website should make connecting with potential customers online easy and straightforward.

Whether you are looking to build, update, or totally redesign your website, at Kalotas, we are committed to helping you achieve the grand goal of drawing in customers and compelling them to convert with a high performance and high quality website.

Our team of professional web developers have the required experience and expertise to make your business website functional, converting, and appealing. What’s more, now you can finally get the mobile responsive, fully optimized, simple, and cheap to maintain website your business deserves. Get started now!


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